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Dick Danger Pole Dancer
This show should have a public health warning attached to it. Watch a man flirt outrageously with physical injury without actually hurting himself. A comic show involving an Oral B precision toothbrush and Dick's signature trick, diving from a very high pole headfirst into a bucket of water.
Available to book now
Dick Danger Dad Dancer
Witness the worlds loudest juggling routine and marvel as Dick Danger attempts to ascend the chair stack of insanity to balance on his hands high above the ground. Dick Danger dances like no-one is watching and it's possible that those who are actually watching may just wish they weren't.
Available to book now
Frustrated by Scotland's reputation as a nation of batter-guzzling rain lovers, Gwendolyn Scott has taken the high road out of her beloved Caledonia to prove that Scottish spirit is more than just whisky. Circus and Comedy with a kilt wearing, rope walking finale.
Time is TBD
Mr Cool - Christmas Wobble-about
Meet Mr Cool, or Dave as he likes to be called, a fun but very insecure giant snowman. He loves to entertain new friends but is prone to having the occasional wobble. Mr Cool is a dynamic and unique addition for any event and is sure to bring a smile to all who meet him.
Available to book now
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