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Adagio Statues

Two marble statues posed on a marble podium, still and enduring. Slowly they come to life. A beautiful, timeless and classic dance of seamless slow motion acro-balance by two performers who have crafted their art over many years. Adagio Statues are a perfect addition for executive events.

Adagio Statues
Adagio Statues

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

  • A minimum performance space of 3m x 2m is required to set the podium and performers and a minimum headroom of 5m (it is possible to perform in smaller performance spaces so please discuss beforehand);
  • A changing and warm-up room is required with access to toilets and water. Access to a shower is appreciated;
  • Access to the venue 2 hours beforehand with an estate car for dropping off the podium, which comes as 5 flat packed pieces. Parking is appreciated;
  • Refreshments are also appreciated.

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