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The Sommeliers

The quintessential walkabout for food and wine functions.

With an over enthusiastic love of wine The Sommeliers raison d'etre is to share wine related facts that are sometimes made up. Wheeling their crates with delicately choreographed grace they are prone to dance around like grapes in a vat. Witness operatic wine tastings and marvel as they attempt to create the aroma of a dusty old claret using only ingredients found at the back of the cupboard. The Sommeliers will make everyone feel like a connoisseur.


"They are much loved by audiences, appealing widely to everyone who admires skill, showmanship and physical comedy as much as to those who like the intelligent perspective within which it is presented."

Bim Mason - Circomedia


Technical Information

  • The Sommeliers are completely self-contained.
  • We need only changing facilities prior to our performances.
  • No alcoholic beverages are used in our performances.